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Who We Are

Illuminate YM is the student ministry here at First Baptist Church West Columbia.
We exist to connect teenagers to Christ and one another. We believe that what Jesus can do in you, He can do through you. And knowing that someone has your back through it all helps make Illuminate what it is: a place that shines in a world full of darkness.

Need a Friend?

A great man once said "People want two things in life: They want to be loved and they want friends." We know that it's hard to find good friends that encourage you in life. But more than that, friends that care for you, despite your background. Need a friend like that? Come join us. We've got that here.


Worship is an outward expression of an inward response to an awesome and mighty Creator. We believe that worshiping God with music and song is just a part of worshiping the Creator in Spirit and in Truth. Come worship with us. You will be glad you did.


Tired of boring sermons? Can't figure out what's going on between all the thou and thus and brethern's being said? Me either. Here at Illuminate, we believe Jesus is the focus of our life. And we want to learn how to keep Him there. Besides, wouldn't life make more sense if you focused on Him?

Know God. Share the Gospel. Make Disciples.